computer security The idea is to use a system that allows you to do 2 things:

1. Remember your passwords by writing a part of it down. The only thing you need to remember is a part that is the same for all your passwords; a PIN if you will.

2. Create passwords that are strong, unique and cannot be guessed.

It's simple to create a 2-factor system - just like you use at the gas pump:

Something you have (a credit card or list of passwords)...... and Something you know (your PIN)

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Think of a PIN, this is the part that is same for all of your passwords. The PIN should be at least 3 characters or more, it could be something like "$ey" and this is the part you keep secret.

2. For each of the web sites that you need a password for, create a code that helps you remember what site or service the password is for. For example "boA" for Bank of America and "faC" for Facebook.

3. Continue the password with a random set of 4 or more characters, for example: "1818" or "km23". You should use different random characters for your different passwords.

4. Write down parts 2 & 3 on a note and keep is safe so you do not forget it. In this example you would end up with a note in your wallet with this written down: boA1818 ...... faCkm23

5. When using the passwords, add your PIN to them. Remember again that the PIN should not be written down anywhere! You can decide the location of your PIN too. With the example pin "$ey" created in the first step we would end up with 2 passwords that could be: boA1818$ey or $eyboA1818 ...... faCkm23$ey or $eyfaCkm23

You now have passwords that are unique and cannot be guessed! And of course you only need to remember a part of it! By having unique passwords you can also make sure that even if someone finds out one of your passwords, the others are still safe.

As a final note, should you choose to use this system, you should come up with your own passwords and not use the ones used in this posting.